Gitmo: How much longer?

Now isn’t this interesting. The stats used by the right to demonize President Obama over releasing Gitmo prisoners

Prisoners in Gitmo at height in 2003: 684

Prisoners left: 149

Cleared for transfer but not yet released: 78

Prisoners, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who are considered “high-value detainees” charged with war crimes: 16

Recidivism rate for released prisoners: 29%


They are using these stats to say Obama is wrong to try and release the prisoners and shut down America’s most contrivercial jail. I would remind people that this was one of his election promises that got him elected, then ridiculed for not doing it, and now ridiculed for doing it.

The right wing GOP political machine will tell you that the prisoners of Gitmo should remain there for the preservation of the American way. In fact one of the prisoners set for release was listed as committing the crime of “ill intentions toward the US.” Clearly anyone who has ill intention should be locked up and have the key thrown away.

While the Right Wing fear mongers will use these stats to frighten you into believing in the justification of Gitmo, let me tell you what I see.

684 Prisoners and 16 charged with crimes. 16 charged, not even convicted, just 2% of the total population of the prison have charges against them.

a 71% rate of not re-offending, well above the American average of released prisoners.

It’s time to close down this prison, let the people go home, who right or wrong were fighting an invading army and were stripped of all rights under the rules of war by a President who made up new rules without definition. Are they a risk to American lives? probably a few are, but is it reasonable or moral to lock people up you might think they may become a danger to your citizens? Imagine how we would react to a legitimate court that would convict and imprison people who could be a threat to in the future. Why ever release any prisoner from a jail, if 29% re-offense rates are considered to dangerous, clearly the over 50% of most American prisons requires we never ever open the door to let people back out.

The war is over. Time for it to end.


One thought on “Gitmo: How much longer?

  1. Yes! It’s Obama’s fault that he hasn’t been able to close Gitmo, and it’s Obama’s fault he’s been trying to close Gitmo. C’mon…

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