Moncton shooter, used as a poster boy by the NFA

Before anyone knows where or how he acquired his arsenal, before the bodies of several RCMP officers are cold. Before any news release or information on the cause, pursuit, or apprehension of the suspect, The Canadian NFA said this:

“It is clear that Canada’s excessive firearms control system has failed again,” the statement read. “The excessive rules in place do not in any way increase public safety, but merely contribute to an expensive and unnecessary regime which harms only those of lawful intent.”

Because more people having more guns in this province would have somehow prevented this? Show me one way the current laws contributed to this tragedy? If the regulations have nothing to do with the incident, why are they bringing it up? This is a ghoulish statement by a ghoulish organization that makes it’s money by encouraging the purchase of a dangerous item, that want the freedom to distribute firearms to as many people as posible, regardless of risk, capability, or mental state.
They are using the murder of public servants as a platform to sell more guns, and I find their comment repugnant.

They are basically claiming;sight

Hey yeah it’s bad that someone went on a shooting rampage armed with several guns and killed several people and injured more, but the fact he had access to guns was not a factor and hey, everyone should have more guns, but the government is forcing us to regulate your right to have a personal arsenal for your hunting and personal pleasure. The government is bad for having regulations about guns.

Perhaps they should have just said they are saddened by the tragic deaths of RCMP officers and not added a sales pitch written in the blood of the victims.


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