Ontario Election and my segue into the political abyss

An economist I hold in the highest regard has answered my wish.
Mike Moffatt has written an article on the economic platforms of the Ontario parties. While I wish there was more on Green and Liberal, the overview of NDP and PC is worth reading before you vote.

Now here’s my take on the issues.

This assumption that government can create jobs is a simplification.
Governments can create laws and conditions that appeal to job creating companies by enacting laws that simplify business. I agree wholeheartedly that governments should not e
nact laws that are detrimental to business interests….EXCEPT… When that law fulfills the actual mandate of a surly elected government.
That mandate is: To protect the rights, safety, and security of the citizens. Be that, environmental, educational, reasonable income for effort, stopping abuse of employees via discrimination, unpaid work, punitive measures, or criminal behaviour.
My interpretation is simple. A business’ job is to make money. I don’t expect or want them to write laws. Conversely, a government’s job is to protect its citizens, not to make money. It makes laws to protect citizens and its up to business to adapt to those conditions. It should NEVER be business interests creating laws that citizens must adapt to.

Under no circumstances should a business be allowed to lobby government to loosen environmental laws to increase profits at the risk of citizens. Nor should they be able to lobby for outside workers in an attempt to circumvent labour codes. Yet it happens regularly. Contract employees, internships, work hours and breaks have been adjusted to allow companies to increase profit at the expense of individual rights and protections. while at the same time companies have lobbied governments to enact laws that limit competitiveness and violate the ideal of a free market such as the cell phone industry. Banning some businesses for fear other businesses can’t compete, such as limiting the number of restaurants in an area, Limiting production so that producers hold a monopoly on price control, in the name of profitability, such as the milk quota.

Our governments have become extensions of business interests due to political funding and lobbyists. Every good company wants to have a few elected officials in their pocket. We are electing people to government who actually work for the companies who fund their campaign, rather then the citizens they represent, and it takes away our voice, which is the only tool of democracy. Without it, we are no longer a democratic nation, we are servants to an oligarchy that rules us with the same authority and power as the monarchy.

Corporations are becoming the new princes and kings of our serfdom and the sooner we elect government that understands this the better off the whole world would be.


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