What do homeless cats have to do with murdered aboriginal women

Recently in the news we have heard the report of a student heckling the Prime Minister’s wife at a homeless cat fundraiser, over her husband’s apparent lack of concern about missing and murdered aboriginal women. I’m very anti Harper, even so, someone attempting to address missing and murdered women by heckling at a humane society fund raiser is inappropriate, and to do so at an unelected person because of who they are married to is wildly uncalled for. Should that same student heckle gay pride parades or Ronald McDonald house events?
Missing women is a serious issue but should not be expected to eclipse all other social justice efforts, but raise concern in appropriate forums rather then just yell at random people trying to do something good in their own way.

I am reminded of the Anti-prorogue protest we organized. The then president of the Council of Canadians was invited to  make a 5 minute presentation on the issue. Instead she made a 15 minute speech on climate change and Copenhagen, while the crowd booed and threatened to leave. Even I, who am heavily involved in that issue was offended at her attempt to hijack a crowd for her personal agenda, and attempt to change the channel. I remember a friend of hers, verbally attacking me on stage, again not to address the reason for the event (local politics) but to rant for several minutes about climate change to the audience. It didn’t matter to those people that we were trying to do something positive it didn’t matter that many of us agreed with their point of view, all that mattered was there was a crowd of people gathered and they wanted the spotlight for a few minutes. Furthermore, I can assure you that while people might bring up concerns to my wife regarding issues I might be able to address, Heckling my wife at work or a political event is not going to endear me to listen to them any more. Bring up missing and murdered aboriginal women to your MP, the Minister, the Prime Minister, tribal councils, reporters, police, but not a homeless cat fund raiser, nor a food bank, nor an anti war protest. You will either be drowned out by the actual participants, or just offend people who may have been on your side under more appropriate circumstances


One thought on “What do homeless cats have to do with murdered aboriginal women

  1. I agree, it was wrong to heckle Mrs. Harper, she is not an elected official and her efforts to help animals should be commended. Save the anti Mr. Harper for a more appropriate occasion – and there are many.

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