Democracy in decline- An examination of the Canadian Fair Elections Act and it’s detrimental effect on Canada

The Fair Elections Act is similar to the Economic Action Plan but far more dangerous.
The Action Plan put billions of dollars into the hands of the Harper Government to be distributed as campaign boosting incentives. The vast majority went to Conservative ridings while the rest went to ridings the Con’s think they can win. Cheques handed out by members of the Con party, if the money went to a riding that did not have a Con MP, they got the LOSING candidate from the last election, or another member of their elitist cabal to deliver and promote the money being thrown to the grateful crowd. Who did not seem to understand it was their own money and that of other Canadian taxpayers they were receiving. Ridings the Cons can’t win? Well they were punished for not supporting Mr Harper, and got nothing. No financial aid (Again, of your own money) unless your community swears allegiance to the Harper Government, No longer the Government of Canada.Image
Now along comes the Fair Elections Act (Bill C-23) A blatant attempt to skew elections to permanently favor the Harper Conservative Party.
Rules to eliminate voters, Rules to remove non Conservative voters from the polls. Rules to remove over-site, Rules to remove impartiality of Election officials, Rules to remove spending limits. All under the Orwellian name of ‘Fair Elections Act’
Let’s take a look.:
Rules to eliminate voters- Under the guise of stopping ‘massive election fraud (of which there have been 4 cases in the last 2 decades) Voter ID cards and vouching for fellow Canadians is to be banned. After all we can’t trust average Canadians, they are all liars and fraudsters. Homeless, non drivers, people who get E-billing, all no longer able to vote. If you don’t have ID that clearly states you live in the riding, you can’t vote. and that ID must be one of 13 or so IDs that the Government currently approves. (don’t be surprised if that number dwindles as they claim each piece is too easy to fake, or that it doesn’t prove you didn’t move out of the riding)
Rules to remove Non Conservative voters- Those same ID rules above strike directly at certain members of our community. The poor, the students, the environmentally responsible, homeless. All groups that are traditionally not Harper Conservative supporters. With a stroke of the pen, the Harper Government removes tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of voters who might oppose their continued administration.
Rules to remove over-site- Revoking the administrative powers of Elections Canada (one of the most respected bureaucratic bodies in the world, famed for it’s fairness and integrity) and passing those duties to a body that is answerable to the government. That’s right, the group in charge of investigating Election improprieties is the party that wins said election. (Imagine a sporting event where the team winning the game gets to veto referee calls.) Furthermore those same rules muzzle Elections Canada. Banning them from reporting to the public of illegal or questionable acts that effect the election results. In fact Elections Canada is banned from discussing elections at all, for the purpose of encouraging voter participation.
Rules to remove impartiality of Election officials- Those same rules also eliminate Elections Canada’s ability to select election monitors and places that power in the hands of the party of the incumbent MP. (The Defending team gets to chose the referee for the next game, and that ref, doesn’t necessarily have to even know the rules of the game.)
Rules to eliminate spending limits- Included in the Act is a section that would allow Parties to solicit funds from the public to a limitless degree. They can spend as much money as they want to request more money. In effect asking people to support their candidate financially but somehow without asking then to support the candidate. A structure that cannot help but be abused, and directly empowering the party with the access to the most money. The Conservative Party. Even more financially unbalanced since the removal of the Vote count subsidiary that all the other parties use to count on for operational costs.
In short this Act is nothing more then an attempt to strengthen the Harper Government’s hold on power, an attempt to keep them in power perpetually, and to crush all possible opposition to their continued rule over our nation. It benefits no one except members of the Harper Conservative Party, and does not address the improper and illegal acts we have seen over the last decade, (Robo-calls, In-Out Scandal, Overspending, Creative accounting, Bribery, Slander, Misinformation) that the Conservatives have been accused of as well as criminally charged with. The closest it comes to addressing the real issues within our election model is to hold the rug a little higher so that it’s easier to sweep the dirty politics under it.


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