Democracy has not failed

Allow me to introduce you to the O’Neail Political joy-o-rama. The Joy-o-rama will keep you fed, happy, crime free, and is far cheaper then anything you have used before. Now to be honest, the Joy-o-rama will not actually do anything it promises, has no real complaint department and will just sit around like the last useless gadget you bought until you toss it out shortly. But it is cheaper then anything else on the market.

Now for just a few dollars more you can have the Joy-o-matic which actually does feed you, lowers crime, improves your life and has a highly motivated tech support team awaiting your call.

Which do you buy?

When it comes to democracy, we keep buying the cheap one and tossing it out every few years for a newer model that promises to be less expensive then the last one.

Democracy has not failed. We have failed democracy.

Democracy is the greatest form of government known to man, as long as it is managed by moral people. Unfortunately, it is not. It is managed by greedy selfish bastards, better known as ‘us’. We are the managers of our democratic systems. We chose the Staff, we chose the candidates, we chose the issues and concerns that are dear to us. If someone promises to solve hunger, we are impressed, if someone has a way of lowering poverty and crime, we applaud. But the guy promising to save us a thousand bucks a year on taxes, well he gets our support.

A government exists to govern. In a democracy, we get to chose how we are governed. We the voters decide what’s important to our society, or ourselves and chose according to the selection provided. Unfortunately we are more likely to vote with our greedy nature rather then our moral needs.” Sure feeding the poor is important, but I already send so much to the government to deal with that.”

That is our very problem. We vote in greedy individuals based on our own greedy wants and then get upset that they are not addressing the moral needs of our society. Crime’s up. poverty is up. I’m being taken advantage of. Why? because the greedy individual I sent to parliament is filling his pockets now, or sewing bigger pockets on his pants to be filled by the corporations and companies who thrive on greed. Their job, their existence is to encourage the government to do exactly what I want them to do. Indulge greed at the expense of need.

Why have so many corrupt individuals achieved this level of power over us? Because we asked them to. We, the voters, the people in need tossed aside the very candidates who would fulfill our needs because they wanted something from us we were not willing to provide. Our acceptance that we are part of a social organism that requires us to work and participate to keep the whole body healthy. Other candidates told us we don’t have to participate, we don’t have to be responsible, and we chose those preaching irresponsibility to manage over us. Is it any wonder they are not acting responsibly?

Thomas Jefferson was right. We get the government we deserve. It’s up to us to demand better,  we deserve better. It’s up to us to redefine us, to start thinking as ‘us’ and not as ‘me’ when it comes to choosing representatives of us, not me.

We need to start choosing candidates who are willing and able to answer our moral needs as a society, and supporting them with our trust and our confidence so that they may act for us to actually guide the society we need.

Democracy can work. We just need to send a better quality of staff to run it, and to do that we must become better quality managers.


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