Harper’s Israel

Contrary to what Prime Minister said today. I am not anti-Semitic.
I support Israel’s right to exist..Within it’s own borders!
You don’t have to be anti-Semitic to be critical of Israeli policies, just as being critical of the Harper Government does not make me anti-Canadian.
Harper’s absolute devotion to Israel “Through fire and water Canada will stand with you” and full support of any and all Israeli military action since 2006 is not balanced by a donation to the Palestinians of $66 million. Money earmarked for security, entrepreneurship, and access to markets, yet gapingly absent of support for housing, perhaps for the people displaced by years of illegal land appropriation to build more Israeli settlements outside the national borders of Israel.
As long as Harper is PM of Canada Israel can do no wrong, and with his support being used by the Israeli government to justify their actions in the face of international condemnation empowers the Israeli government to continue to ignore, and delay the two state solution that they, with our Prime Minister’s support, clearly do not intend to implement.
Why would they, as long as they can continue to use the disavowed geopolitical axiom of ‘ownership through strength of arms’?
Canada through our Prime Minister, with or without our support, is now a defender of imperialism.
If Israel can do it, why can’t another nation start building beyond it’s borders as long as it has the military might to do so? America reluctantly accepts it. Canada endorses it and the rest of the world grumbles ineffectually about it.


One thought on “Harper’s Israel

  1. Truthy Alert: Criticism of Israel’s apartheid crimes is ^NOT Anti-Semitism.

    Why is Canada’s right-wing Bush-lite Prime Minister Stephen Harper *SO* fanatical about supporting Israel bombing innocent Palestinian civilians? What’s the secret agenda at work here?

    ‎Surprise! It’s money: Canada does ONE BILLION DOLLARS of trade with Israel annually. Most of it military. It’s always about the money eh?

    At the 5:30 mark.


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