The New Machiavelli Princes

There are two ways to control a population.
One: Be force of will and limitation. Outlawing or imprisoning every source of dissidence to the government.
Two:provide an open accepting forum for every outlandish idea so that not enough members of the population can agree on any one stand without imposing their agenda. Leaving you with a multitude of dissatisfied gangs unable to trust each other enough to be a cohesive threat to the government.

The secret is finding a simple black and white issue that can galvanize a large portion of the population and keep them focused at a critical time to make change.
The senate scandal could be such except by the time an election rolls around most will have moved on to other issues.
It is just one of many scandals that have plagued this government but none have been large enough to force this government to resign and when viewed as a whole the scandals are to complex and varied to unite the public under a single banner.

Rob Ford and Joe Fontana are good examples of this. Both were elected on simple ideas “I will lower or freeze taxes” all the side affects and methods required were ignored and only the core simplicity constantly hammered during a short critical period of time. As a result they were elected. Now there is still a core group focused on that promise willing to overlook not only the disaster their policies leave behind, but also the illegal and criminal acts they committed as long as they are not directly related to that same simple black and white issue they campaigned on.
While neither are likely to be re-elected, I think average intelligent people may be shocked by how much support they still receive in the next election.

What we need is someone to find a way to vocalize a long term beneficial initiative in a simple enough way that it cannot be dismembered into meaningless trivia, and it needs to be presented just before the next election (no more then 3 months before voting day) when it has the best possible chance to gain traction. The one idea that I certainly could get behind is Parliamentary reform, and if I do not run myself, I would likely support or aid someone who presents this as a campaign promise.

A one trick pony you say? True. But modern elections are won on one pony races.


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