Election Fraud as a way of life

Who believes that the witnesses, who did not work on this campaign with Sona and were ‘found’ by the Lawyer of the CPC, the organization with the most to lose in this case, who also sat in on the testimony in violation of any type of due process to make sure they had the story straight, are telling the truth? Sona did not have direct access to the database the info came from. The same data base that was ‘accidentally’ erased of logging information so that no one can find out who actually accessed the data.
This stinks of a cover up with a fall guy. Robofraud was an attempt to influence the vote during a federal election and one of the worst attacks against Canadian democracy in history.


If something isn’t done about it, it will happen again in 2015.
Sure the Harper Government says it’s concerned (Not concerned enough to cooperate) but concerned. They promise to address the issue before the next election. I fully expect that a month or two before the election they will pass several laws that will address election fraud and will stack the deck in their favor. They will have had years to come up with and prepare for the changes that will be sprung on the other parties at the last minute, leaving them panicked and trying to comply with new rules and laws that the CPC will likely ignore anyway.
Will they introduce stronger ID rules to cut down on the poor voters? Ban unions from being involved in campaigns, while leaving their own special interest groups alone?
Perhaps ban robocalls while overloading their call centers with live callers, as they have far more money to spend then the other parties. Leak fake budget reports showing a sudden surplus of revenue that wasn’t there before (Oh wait they are doing that one now)
Perhaps install government selected monitors at the polling stations to sift out the undesirable voters. As long as the Government hesitates on installing new rules they hold a distinct advantage in the next election, and everyone knows their idea of fair and balanced is as twisted and crooked as their senate appointments. Fraud and misdirection is a way of life with this political party.


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