The cult of irresponsibility

I don’t think anyone fully understands my fury at the idiocy that is our federal government.
A Senator under investigation for election fraud (1)“in 2008, in little less than a month, the Conservatives amassed almost $90,000 for candidate Claude Carignan, in the Rivière-des-Milles-Îles riding. Bellavance writes that according to records, this sum was collected from a number of individuals who have since been accused of electoral fraud at the Charbonneau inquiry, which is looking into corruption in Quebec’s construction industry.” claiming the ‘other guys’ are the only one with a senator in jail for fraud. (2)”“The only prime minister who appointed senators who are in prison right now is Jean Chrétien,” Carignan said, referencing the six-month jail term Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne received after he was convicted of fraud.”
The idea that the guy who single-handedly hired the 3 senators at the center of the Senate scandal has nothing to do with it.
(2)“Canadians expect, I expect, that people be held accountable,” Harper said.
The three senators that Harper appointed to the upper chamber are alleged to have spent tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money — $140,000 in Wallin’s case — in ineligible expense claims.”
Excuses that the Prime Minister has no control over the Prime Minister’s office, as if he’s just a victim of those bullies WHO STILL RUN THAT OFFICE.
A Prime Minister who overreaches his authority with impunity, bullying senators who present a view not exactly his own,
(2)”Senator Claude Carignan, the government’s leader in the Senate who led the charge to suspend Wallin, Duffy and Brazeau without pay but toyed with the idea of offering them leniency before being rebuked by the PMO , said he was “completely” in agreement with Harper.”
attacking the honourable members of Parliament, journalists and our courts as enemies of the state. While accepting NO responsibility for his government’s actions. This is not a democratic government, it’s a cult of personality around a single individual who can do no wrong and his worshipers are the suicidal fanatics willing to martyr themselves for his glory. Those members of the cult who leave or dare to speak out against the blessed infallible chosen one are metaphorically stoned till they return to the ranks or are buried under a mountain of slung mud never to rise again.
Stephen Harper is not the second coming, he is a petty dangerous little man who thanks to the council of ‘yes’ men seems to actually believe in his own infallibility and self deification.




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