Tyrany. Where does it begin?

As I watch the news I am growing more and more concerned with how our government operates. From the re-branding of the ‘Government of Canada’ to the ‘Harper Government’. To the awarding of tax dollars to municipalities in the name of the ‘Conservative Party of Canada’Image

Slowly our nation changes. The Harper supporters will tell you at each infraction “it’s no big deal” or “it’s a non-issue” and they would be right. If someone drinks to much at a party it’s no big deal, but when they do it over and over, it is an issue and a clear sign of someone in need of an intervention.

Time after time this government has stretched, bent, twisted and outright broken laws. Imposing it’s will rather then the spirit of our laws and charter of rights. From election improprieties leading to federal charges to simply ignoring the very laws they put into place. Millions of dollars spent on boosting Conservative MP ridings hidden in budget items. Calling an early election in direct violation of the fixed election law, citing “that’s not how we interpreted the laws”
As time goes on the indiscretions get more obvious but we as Canadians seem to be numb after so many scandals one after another. Ministers who alter documentation (Oda’s NOT) are no big deal. Appointing Senators to represent provinces they don’t live in, “No big deal”. Appointing losing candidates to fill the functions of the elected MP from another party. “No Big Deal”.
Recently, the Harper Government has enacted two unprecedented acts. First, they have told our National police force to not communicate with elected members of the Government of Canada without their permission. Taking political control of our national police, but gently, it’s “no big deal”. Secondly, they have informed a warden at one of our prisons, that the warden no longer has the authority to make decisions regarding prisoner rights. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2013/04/28/pol-cp-vic-toews-nixes-omar-khadr-interview-request.html The Government will not allow the media to interview a prisoner who clearly will reflect this government in a bad light. We can’t have that. Everyone must stay on message, and that message comes from the Office of the Prime Minister. Scientists, Civil Servants, police, EVERYONE. must express their delight and joy of how the Harper Government is bringing Action and prosperity to our nation. Those who do not present this message are not to speak.
How unnerving is this? In 2 short ‘No big deal’ steps, and the introduction of the anti-terror bill, (By the way, that doesn’t even have the word terror in it) this government has created a set of rules that would allow for the arrest and silencing of political dissidents.
Am I screaming about Harper’s secret agenda? No, but I have figured out how Tyranny can begin. One small step at a time.


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