Canadian Charter of ideas & suggestions

Today the Supreme Court of Canada turned the Canadian constitution into a mission statement & the charter of rights and freedom into a list of suggested guidelines.
They do not question that a man’s charter rights were violated, they just don’t think it’s as important as charging someone with drug possession. “As for the impact of the search on the appellant’s privacy rights, I accept that the impact was significant – but no more so than society’s interest in having this case tried on the merits,” Judge Moldaver said, writing on behalf of Madam Justice Marie Deschamps, Madam Justice Rosalie Abella, Mr. Justice Marshall Rothstein and Madam Justice Andromache Karakatsanis.

The fact that the officer in question regularly conducts illegal searches and makes a habit of patting down traffic infraction accused doesn’t bother them. The fact he violated countless people’s rights to finally find someone guilty of a crime is acceptable to the current Supreme Court.

The ramifications of this decision are incomprehensible, it means anyone can be searched at any time for any reason because someone may be committing a crime. And convicting them is more important then upholding Canada’s highest laws.
If any of the innocent people this officer searched illegally complain the Supreme Court has already ruled that there rights were suspended for the greater good because one guy finally got caught with drugs in his pocket.

From this day on if you are driving 10 km/h over the speed limit, if you jaywalk, if you are trespassing across a park after dusk, if you are attractive, be prepared to be detained and searched because a police officer may feel like doing it and the Supreme Court has decided today it’s okay.


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