Saving America!…

Saving America! Everything, except HOW


Listening to the Republican Convention was Great. Such a relief. They said they were going to save America, business, jobs, taxes, fight all threats like Iran and Russia? I thought they already beat the Russian commie threat?..must have heard wrong they don’t seem to think China’s a threat. The largest most powerful communist nation in the world, that also owns most of America.

Anyhow, I was relieved to hear that climate change is not really happening and the rising oceans, continental droughts super storms and missing polar ice cap are all just leftist plots to stop hard working companies from creating jobs, and if there is one thing Republican’s know it’s about creating  jobs.  It’s a two pronged structure that has been tested over and over since the Reagan Years. First the plan is to yell at, and blame the unemployed, poor and homeless for not having jobs. Then give tax money to the poor business owners to shore up their faltering sales, so they don’t have to waste time withdrawing money from their Cayman Island accounts. (Hour’s count when you are saving America.) I am sure that after so many attempts of exactly the same thing THIS TIME WE WILL GET DIFFERENT RESULTS!

Mit (I built it myself using my father’s influence and money) Romney and Paul (please don’t tell Romney I have no business experience) Ryan are going to use their business experience to save America. they spent hours last night telling us so. They will spend the next 2 months telling us only they know how to save America. The one thing they seem to always forget to mention in their passionate zeal to right wrongs and correct issues is HOW they are going to do this. Not one plan, not one blueprint, not even a recommendation.  Hey that’s okay, they say they can do it, and it’s not like a political candidate has lied or exaggerated to get into office.

So vote Romney, because he’s not Obama and will do something or other to save America from things like good health (Romneycare, now called Obamacare) Clean Air, the Soviet Union and Science.


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