O’Neail Government reforms

SENATE: Elected, to longer terms 8-10 years. single term only, but can be hired as non voting consultants on bills they were reviewing when their term ends.
I have had many discussions with people regarding the idea of limiting terms, does it make them more or less accountable to the public. In my opinion someone with no chance of re election is more likely to make choices based on the betterment of the nation as financing a second campaign is no longer a consideration. Living in your community is. To maintain a smooth transition in the upper house, Senators continue to sit on committees after the term ends but loose the ability to vote as they are no longer the peoples representative. They do on the other hand have valuable input as they have been involved with the discussion and would be able to bring their replacement up to speed without having to start over.
Yes I support the Pay as well as the pension for these people. We are talking about a small portion of the population willing to set their lives aside for the good of the nation and should be rewarded accordingly. ‘You get what you pay for’ also needs to be considered. If you want educated intelligent people in these positions the job has to be appealing financially to pull them away from the corporate world, therefor the pay should be comparable to a member of the board of a midsized to large Corporation. It is essentially the same job.

PMO: Limit the power of the Prime Minister’s office. The Prime Minister is the FIRST Minister among equals, the position was never intended as a governorship, much less a dictatorship.
Over the years more and more power has been transferred to the PMO to the point that it is now effectively the only real power within our government structure. The house can vote against something and as long as it’s not a money bill or a confidence item the PM can chose to ignore the results of the vote. THIS HAS TO STOP!
What I would like to see (and would be shocked if it happened in my lifetime) is a Prime Minister elected by the Members of Parliament at the beginning of each term. We as a nation do not have the infrastructure or population to follow the American model, the millions spent on electing Presidents smacks of extravagance. I would propose we elect our MP’s with the expectation that they will vote in the Party leader they feel best able to lead the house.
This means the Leader of the NDP could end up as Prime Minister with only a few seats but THE FULL CONFIDENCE OF THE HOUSE, that is the important part.
The office of Prime Minister should not have the ability to appoint the GG. This appointment should be hands off as it is essentially the balance point of the Prime Minister. Let the Senate, or the MPs or some other body appoint the GG.
We have to leave executive power in the hands of the Prime Minister, for such things as Cabinet postings, and in times of emergency. Certain conditions would automatically grant the use of certain powers such as what has recently transpired in Haiti.( I have to commend this Prime Minister on swift action in this and only this case.)
But most decisions should rest with the Commons.

Under this system I would expect a majority government would look very similar to our current system, but under a minority, you would and should see a cabinet made up of members from several parties. If the Conservative Party has the best expert on international trade MP, why would you not use them?
To me the House of Commons is the last remaining outpost of Bigotry. Any company that placed a person in a position of power over another better qualified applicant would be considered idiotic. To do it based on Political opinion criminal. Yet that is exactly what we do and what we expect.
MPs are elected to better the nation, they all have this one uniting goal, granted each party has it’s own opinion on how to accomplish this but the point of the house is to gain support for an idea and pass it based on majority vote. The fact that an idea came from a Party other then your own should never be a consideration, much less a deciding factor.

Mixed Member Proportional.
I am a huge fan of this, it was badly maligned in the referendum question but is really one of the most representative government models I have seen.
It would allow parties that represent smaller interests an opportunity to raise issues in the house. Imagine if the North American Natives spread across this nation had a voice in Parliament? I would imagine we would see a marked improvement of conditions I have seen in some outlying communities. The Greens would be represented and a million people who voted in the last election would not be silenced.

Okay that’s enough for now.
As for when this would happen? I don’t know. If Voter turnout at record lows continues, I can tell you never.
The People of this Nation need to get more involved in How they are governed to make any changes.
Honestly I would like to see a change in the Constitution that states any election that has the support of less then 50% of the voting public is null and void. A new election to be called within 90 days under MMP as the only other form of government considered possible by the Government of Canada. The reason being that if less then 50% of the nation votes, the current system most assuredly does not have the support of the Canadian People.
Again, not in my lifetime, but I would like to see the ground work done so that my Children can continue to build upon what I believe to be a Just Society


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