Open letter to London city council

Mr Fontana, and the citizens elected to City council. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to this forum. I Intentionally do not address you by your titles but as members of this community as a reminder of who you represent.

First I would like to complement you on your ability last budget to maintain your promise of a 0% tax increase, and while your intensions are laudable they are not sustainable. Your efforts to create another 0% budget this year place you in the position of breaking one of two promises. To increase taxes, or to cut municipal services. Given this choice, the drive from some members has been to maintain the 0% at all cost, and that is what I want to address. While I am sure I and many Londoners appreciate the idea of no increase, I cannot accept it at the expense of the most vulnerable members of our community. Londoners are by nature a generous people, and while times are hard, and getting harder, I can assure you that most of us are willing to face the added expense estimated to be less then $20 this year, to maintain the services that so many depend on in our City.

While I am sure some of you believe you are making the right decision in cutting those service. I implore you to consider the long term ramifications of your actions. Some of you were elected on a political platform of 0% tax increases, but all of you were elected to this office to represent and champion the needs and members of this community. That said You must decide which is more important to you. Your political careers or the needs of your community. I assure you that that is the very decision you will have to make regarding this budget. It’s the difference between keeping the job, or doing the job you were elected to do. Thank you for your time.


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