How it’s broke

Here’s one of my favorite 1950’s dreams. I work for Tobat Manufacturing, I make 100 Tobs in an 8 hour day at a good wage. Tobat brings in a computer that lets me work twice as fast. WOW. I can make 100 Tobs make the same money and see my family for half the day, yeah SiFi!!. Wait, no. Tobat’s still wants me to work 8 hours, still pay me the same and produce twice the output. Now there has been some cut backs since Sal’s job was replaced by a computer, except the part about him sweeping the floor, so now I get to do his floor sweeping. it’s called “multitasking”. after a year or so the computer that was helping me is making mistakes, but Tobat’s knows that since I am familiar with it, I can keep it running, so now I am doing my old job twice, part of Sal’s and some never hired techs as well. Welcome to the real world…On the up side Tobat’s is making twice the Tobs at 0 expense since Sal’s wages covered the computer costs.
Rest of the Tobat story: well it’s a year later and evaluation time. So I’m excited I produce 80% more when I can get the computer to work and sweep the floor. I’m looking forward to my raise but the evaluation goes like this. Dan we are very disappointed, your production is down from 200 to 180. And the computer maintenance is not up to par. And frankly the floors are not well swept. No raise until you start pulling your weight.


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