Indefensable defence

My response to two posters on my facebook, who support Harper and dislike this election:

Violet, Harry. You have made it clear you do not believe in accountability, that the PMOs office should be allowed to operate without oversight and that Parliament is a waste of your time. So it’s no wonder you are against elections, since …you do not want to be represented in your Democracy, just told what to do by one man and his Propaganda ad’s.

Do you honestly believe that tax payer money should be put to projects without knowing the price? Do you actually hate Competition so much that you don’t want people to bid on Government contracts? Do you agree with the Montreal CPC candidate that CPC support ridings should get the lion’s share of tax funded projects? and Liberal and NDP supporters should pay for those excesses?
Harper complains that Canadian’s don’t want 4 elections in 7 years but he called 2 of those elections.

Most appalling is your bigoted statement that if a Canadian dares to work in another nation they are no longer Canadian. Ignoring the fact that so many Canadian PMs have been abroad, or that in the bi election here in London Harper asked Diane Haskett to return from her US Government job in Washington to run for your party. It reminds me of the other CPC supporter posts I see in the media, that all foreigners are evil, all First generation Canadians are just ‘Canadian’s of Convenience’ That all religion’s other then Christian are Terrorists. All Canadian’s who speak french are separatists who want to destroy Canada.

Unfortunately you have swallowed Harper’s view of How Canada’s government should be, while completely ignoring the history, laws and traditions of this nation. Your opinions of the future of this nation for you and your children are based on 60 second attack ad’s rather then fact. You defend a Prime Minister who has out and out lied, refuses to speak to or for all Canadians. You blame others for his flaws, and support his MPs abuses, including the attempt to steal 1.5 million dollars from Elections Canada. The complete reversal of his policies are acceptable to you. When he said he would not appoint senators, would not run a deficit, would not hide expenses, would not cut funding to Canadian Veterans, would not tax income trust, you voted for him. Since he has done the opposite of all those things, you defend him because it was the Liberal’s fault, or the liberal’s did it to.

So I ask you this, if the defence for Harper’s actions are “the Liberal’s did it to” What’s wrong with the Liberals if they behaved exactly the same as your cult leader?

I didn’t even mention the promise to not call early elections, or the promise to protect whistle blowers.

Perhaps the CPC attack ad’s are correct, Iggy didn’t come back for you, he came back for us.

in response to:
Ignatief srewed himself when he called the election. None of the Canadian people like to be told they dont know what they are doing. Lets face it we as Canadians know what we are doing. Ignatief can eat crap and go back to the States his country. Ignatief might just as well have told the Canadian people there votes dont count when he called an election. the people put Harper in not him.


well the Liberals are going to get pummeled on “law and order” no matter what they do now. It’s the ticket for the NC to get into cities previously locked by the NDP, or, the Liberals. I’m not the only one disgusted at and fed up by the can…ard of crime prevention and criminals are just good people waiting to be saved from poverty. That and the skyrocketing cost of everything will pretty much make it possible to get people to vote against the Liberal Party status quo- let’s face it that party and to an extent the NDP have owned power in Ottawa since the 1970s almost unchallenged and for the lion’s share of time.


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