Elections: what you pay to who, the truth!

Currently there are 3 ways political parties get money.
1) donations
2)expense reimbursement
3) election subsidy

By removing the subsidy Harper would remove the Liberals and NDP ability to oppose him and drive the Greens and Bloc into obscurity.
…His reason he says, is:

“It is structured in such a way that is unfair, and is particularly unfair to taxpayers. They shouldn’t have to support political parties that they don’t support. I think that’s people’s choice.”

But here is the reality:

1) donations, you give $100 and taxpayers who didn’t vote for this party pay you $75 back as a tax refund. You pay 3/4 of the donation to all the parties as taxes.

2)expense reimbursement, every candidate who gets over 10% of the vote receives 60% of his election expenses back from the taxpayer.

3)Election subsidy, the party YOU vote for gets $2.Simple and fair. You pay $2 in tax to support your party.

So both #1 and #2 are Taxes paid to parties you don’t support, while #3 is your direct tax donation to your own party, but Harper wants to cut only #3, which hurts every party but his, and keeps the lion’s share of taxpayer funding going to his party as the biggest election spenders.

So his excuse for cutting the subsidy is a lie, or he has no understanding of how our government funding works.


2 thoughts on “Elections: what you pay to who, the truth!

  1. So instead of getting money for the amount of votes a party get’s, they’d have to get their money through fundraising. Not sure how that’s such a terrible plot, unless you think the NDP and Liberals are so weakened that they don’t have enough public support too finance them?

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