ECOSPECTIVE: Slanted? You bet!


Daniel O’Neail
Well its official, I Daniel O’Neail am running for the Green Party nomination in London-Fanshawe.

There have been some posts on this site commenting that my views are slanted, well you’re right. I write an opinion column, not the news. I leave that to those who can.

My column is intended to inform people about what they can do to improve the climate, both politically and personally. I want people to know where their political figures stand on the environment, and who is doing something about it.

I have attempted to interview people who are not into environmental concerns, but they have rejected or simply ignored those requests, probably thinking I would cast them in a poor light, but the truth is I want people to make up their own minds.

My views are obvious, I have never attempted to hide them, but articles that only appeal to the environmentalist, is preaching to the converted. They already know what needs to be done and are all attempting to initiate change in their own ways.

So how do you reach out to those who are not environmentally concerned? How do you make them understand your point of view?

I do it by introducing you to those who have found something in their past that has triggered an awakening to issues beyond themselves, people who have developed a larger view of the world, and told you the story of how they are acting on that event to make this planet a better place for our children.

Beyond that I have tried to present you with the political views of those who are in power, where the environment fits into their platforms, and actions, so that you, the reader, have a meter stick to guide your decisions in the next elections.

You don’t have to agree with me, or my position, there are others to choose from, but please, make a choice.

The beauty of being in a democratic society is that individuals have the ability to choose how they will be governed, and through that choice they choose a quality of life.

Many of us have become jaded to the political landscape. It can be like traveling across the prairies, looking out at a flat and unchanging world, thinking we have no power.

The truth is you have all the power. You have the ability to change that landscape. If you don’t like the view, or what you see in the distance along that bleak road, change the direction in which we are traveling. But understand it is a longer and rougher road that leads to a better sustainable society.

The point is the choice is up to you, every vote counts. No matter who wins, when a government is elected by overwhelming support they rightly believe they have the faith of the people in what they want to do and drive forward with confidence.

But when a government squeaks into power, they will have to review their platform, and look carefully at where the rest of the support went, and adjust their path to steer us along the route that we will support, or be cast out before they gain any momentum.

The speed and direction we as a nation will take is completely up to you, and to let our country travel along without your involvement is to let a government lead us blindly.

When we are stymied, or plunging over precepts, those of us that sat at home and chose not to exercise our rights as Canadians, will be responsible – as responsible as if we drove this nation into the ground ourselves.

Over the next few weeks I will be persuing the Green Party nomination, and so as to not unfairly bias the nomination meeting I will not be submitting this column again until after the nomination is complete.

If I win the nomination, I will not be interviewing members of the federal government, nor other candidates running for MP, but those in power provincially and municipally will be asked their views, so that we, the citizens who chose these leaders, can see what direction they are taking us.

You don’t have to vote for me, but for the sake of our nation, and the wellbeing of our families, vote for someone.

— — — —


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