ECOSPECTIVE: Just a ripple in the pond of life


Daniel O’Neail
Here we are on the eve of another election, it seems like only last year we were voting, and the year before that, and the year before that.

This will be my third time running for office in two years, but as they say ‘third time’s the charm’. I have kept to my mandate to not discuss or interview federal political figures since I accepted the nomination to represent the Green Party in London-Fanshawe, even if at times my fingers ached for an opportunity to write about what needs to be fixed, or to shout out “LOOK! See what he did, or they are doing or what she said?” For that you will have to turn from LondonTopic’s opinion section to the news section.

Over the past year we have looked at local issues such as the PCB contamination of Pottersburg Creek, and it’s effect on the community, bike safety, and Meadowlily, protecting it’s integrity from both litter and development.

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with London Coun. Steven Orser, MPP Khalil Ramal, and leaders of both the provincial and federal Green Parties Frank De Jong and Elizabeth May, so that we had a clearer view of what they believed about environmental concerns.

We had a chance to discuss issues from around the world that affect us here at home such as peak oil, genetically modified foods and Fairtrade, and through them a glimpse of what the future could hold if we don’t act now.

Most importantly we discussed how we as individuals or as a society can take responsibility for our surroundings and make a difference in the lives around us and yet to be born.

From the first interview with Rose Mary White on urban farming, to the efforts of Maryanne MacDonald to cut down our plastic waste, from Art Connolly’s, crusade on behalf of the one million people exposed to Agent Orange at Gagetown, to Sandy Levin’s personal fight to preserve our local tree coverage, we have learned that we can make a difference, we each can make positive change.

Throughout my articles you will have found my love and respect for democracy. How, as a society we can take back control of our city, province and country. The power of the vote is an incredible thing, with it we can steer a nation along a course of healthy growth and a sustainable future, or we can ignore it and let the nation flounder into the rocks without our guidance.


Listen to what the candidates have to say and vote for whoever best represents you.

In my first article I wrote, “On the day this article springs to life on the world-wide web, I will ride my bike down to the dock under the Guy Lombardo Bridge, and toss a pebble into the river. Then I’ll watch the ripples, to see what they touch as they spread.” Those ripples continue to spread, and with responses from the US, England, and as far away as Australia, I am delighted and amazed at how far and how many people they have reached.

I want to thank everyone who commented on my column, Editorial Director Ross McDermott and everyone at for this wonderful opportunity, it was an absolute joy to write, but as a Member of Parliament I will not have the time to continue to write this every week……..

……….unless by some chance I don’t win.


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