Maybe Someday

Maybe some day.

We’ve all heard it at one time or another. As children our parents answer our questions about growing up to be astronauts, and firemen and cowboys. “Maybe someday, when you grow up”.

We hear it later as an excuse. “When are we going to Disney world?” “When are we going camping again?”..”Maybe someday.”

I heard it as a youth on everything from personal concerns: “When will She like me?” ” When are you going to let me drive the car?”…Someday.
To events that began to tug at my attention as my world expanded beyond what I could see touch and feel. ” When will the Cold War end?”, “When can I stop worrying about the bomb?”…Someday

Even as an adult ‘Maybe someday’ was always around the corner. For my children it became an easy answer for their fears and desires. My own concerns were also constantly haunted by the phrase. When am I going to get a raise?, when am I going to get elected?, when are we going to do something about our environment? And the sound of my parents voices echoed back in my mind..”Maybe someday”.

All of us have heard it, all of us have said it. At times as a prayer and others as an excuse. It is a phrase for optimists and pessimists alike, but to us all it is some mystical time in the future.
Or is it?

What if Someday was not just a sentence fragment within our unfulfilled dreams? What would it be like if after years of hearing and thinking about it, after years of toiling in an unfair life, under a tyrannical master, something changed?

What if, maybe someday, was today?

To all those who have risen up in Africa and the Middle East, from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Iran and others, it is. Because of the Internet The Social Revolution has begun. Individual citizens have expressed their feelings into the ether, “I hope someday…” and have found they are not alone. What some may have felt were personal fears, or injustice to a small village, have been answered by a chorus of voices who share their pain, and have learned they are no longer alone.

In an exponentially expanding cry, moving across the world at the speed of light, individuals became groups, groups became masses, and masses became national movements, spilling nation to nation. Those individuals, stopped hearing “maybe someday” and found the strength to walk out into the streets in the thousands and rally for freedom. And it’s working. one by one like dominoes, tyrants are falling. Some with little resistance, others fighting tooth and nail to hold on to power against an insurmountable tide of humanity, but in the end they will fall as well.

Because in those oppressive nations.

Today, is Someday.


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