Harper the Magician

Harper the Magician
Once Again we are witnessing Harper the Magician’s stage show. This slight of hand trick is as old as magic itself.

First let’s look at the reality:

The real issue that has the opposition riled up is that a recommendation document prepared by staff was altered to reflect the views of the Minister instead of the views of the staff. The word NOT was written in strategically to completely reverse the findings. When questioned about it, the Minister claimed she had no idea who altered the document. It has since been discovered that she, the very Minister who claimed no knowledge Wrote the ‘NOT ‘ in question.

This is a serious violation of ethics.

Instead of simply ignoring the recommendations of staff and making her own decision. She altered a document to make it look like she was acting on recommendations that do not actually exist, and completely falsified the expressed opinion of those tasked with researching the funding issue.
Then when questioned as to the hand written insertion of the word NOT into the document, she outright lied. claiming she had no knowledge of who could have written NOT (in her handwriting using her pen in her hand.)

The Opposition is calling for her resignation over these issues, and in steps the Magician. With a flourish to the media and a sweep of his cape Prime Minister Harper begins his show.
While waving his right hand at his ‘lovely assistant’ Mrs Oda, he switches cards with his left hand. The card now shows that:

We were elected to ensure that when we give out taxpayers’ money that that taxpayers’ money is used for purposes that will further the objectives of policy.”

And the original card referring to falsifying documents and lying to Parliament disappears into thin air.
His arguments have absolutely nothing to do with the issue, and since he can’t win the real debate, chooses a completely different subject that has no more to do with the issue then what clothing the Minister was wearing .

The Magician at his finest. Even foreign media refers to him as the Teflon Prime Minister, scandal and bad decisions just slide off and nothing seems to stick.
The reason is apathy, we the Canadian people as a whole have just gotten use to being lied to and mislead and have come to expect it. Lie after lie, but we really don’t have an alternative for leader he constantly tells us. No one else can lead Canada, they are all evil, screams the ads and the rhetoric, and the masses nod their collective head and continue to watch the show.

Event after event, decision after decision, scandal after scandal, Harper the Magician pulls rabbis from his hat, tosses daggers at the blindfolded opposition. Takes a loonie from your hand while giving you the quarter he pulled from your ear.

Under extreme scandal or threat he pulls his most impressive trick, Prorogue, and makes the entire Parliament disappear from the stage. He’s done that one twice to get an extension of his stage show.

But like with any magic show, once you understand how the trick is done, the show is no longer entertaining.


One thought on “Harper the Magician

  1. I posted this article on a Tory discussion board.
    The response was as Ironic as it could be. They edited the post within 1 hour.
    my latest and likely last post on

    I suppose I should have expected it from a site like this, but was quite surprised that of the 8 links to sites in the thread only the one that does not follow party lines was removed, and replaced with “don’t be a left wing link whore” within 1 hour of posting.

    Always nice to see how free speech is treated by Tory ‘law and order’ followers.
    Perhaps you would also like to rewrite my post so it looks like I support Oda’s behaviour.

    Irony at it’s best.

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