Remember the Protesters

Update:Democracy fails: America loses it’s faith

Mubarak  has stepped down from his position, or been removed by the military. Nothing could be better for the people of Egypt at this time.

I commented on Face book that if he had remained there was to much of a chance of Civil war:

“Nothing would advance the case of Extremist more then setting the stage for civil war. Ordinary citizens are usually not properly armed or prepared for that level… of violence and are likely to follow the only available spearhead. In this case that is the Muslim Brotherhood. Of all the protesters they are the best funded, and organized, and now will have an opportunity to take the lead if the protest starts to falter over the next few days.
If he steps aside now, the protesters are all on a level field and a true democratic government could arise, but civil war requires leaders, and those leaders invariably end up in power. A national government taken by force is rarely replaced with democracy. It’s replaced with an ‘interm government until things settle down’ in 4 to 40 years.”

I don’t believe anyone in Egypt or the world wanted to see this dissolve into a Civil War and either Mubarak had an epiphany or the Generals of his army strongly recommended his resignation because they didn’t want to see the country torn apart. In any case now all the people of Egypt stand on level ground and we get to see something incredibly rare. The rebirth of a nation not bathed in blood but washed in reason. My heart goes out to those protesters who lost their lives for standing up for what they believed in and would ask everyone to take a moment and honour them.

They had the vision to believe in a better future, the strength to stand up for that future, and the courage to face the violence that greeted them. Their deaths were tragic but not meaningless and I hope that as the future of Egypt unfolds, they are not forgotten.

Good luck Egypt, make your children proud.


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