Democracy fails: America loses it’s faith

In 1776 a new religion was born. A belief that a man should have control over his own destiny. The faith had been hinted at before, it’s old testament the Magna Carta, But in the late 1700’s the US embraced this new faith with open arms, and formed their nation upon it. Pilgrims from all over the world were invited to the land of the free, and Democracy was the faith that drove that nation onward.
Over the next 2 centuries the American people would brag about their superior system that was being accepted by more and more nations around the world, until most of the western world worshiped at the same shrine, but then things began to change.
President Reagan Who I feared as a war monger when he was elected was really the last great American defender of this faith. Rot began to seep in. The attack ads the infighting, the backroom deals, the legacy political families became more obvious, and the people started to become jaded to the very thing that created their nation. We Canadian’s like those American’s began to doubt our system, began to ignore our right to vote , turning it into a chore instead of a hard won right and honour. Voter turnout plummeted and those rights and freedoms began to disappear.
Recently we saw the ‘Patriot Act’ that under the guise of protecting the freedoms of the American people, took those rights away. We saw our own Government portrayed as corrupt and the Canadian attack ads started airing in full swing. Things continued to decline until today, where we see an almost reversal of what democracy is.
Our government tells us that cooperation between parties is undemocratic, that breaking from Party lines, traitorous. Anyone looking to lead Canada is actually looking to destroy it, and that we accept incarceration of our citizens like Omar Kadar, without charge for ‘the greater good’.
The American’s accept the limitations on travel even within their own borders, check points erected between states to verify citizenship. no fly lists based on suspicion without charges or even criminal investigation. A stronger border defense against the threat of Canadian 5th column invasion. Prisoner’s dying in a concentration camp 7-8 years after being placed there without ever being charged with a crime.
And now, when the citizens of other nations reach out to join the faith of democracy, our Democratic Governments shudder in fear. What if they elect someone we don’t like? Are they responsible enough to decide their own fate? Maybe things would be better if they kept the Dictator, he hasn’t caused us any problems… The call for the worship of Democracy, has dimmed to a whisper, and with it the rights of every citizen living in a democracy now. A democracy, who’s government is telling the world, maybe we need more dictator’s. As our own Prime Minister implied just over a year ago, Democracy, is bad for business.


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